White Net 2 Diffuser
White Net 2 Diffuser
White Net 2 Diffuser

White Net 2 Diffuser

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  • Decreases contrast with a net pattern effect
  • Manufactured with C39 Optical Resin
  • Creates a soft effect over the whole image
  • Great for Stills and Video

Using a wide net pattern the White Net 2 Diffusion filter helps reduce contrast while maintaining critical sharpness. The intensity of the effect corresponds with the focal length of the lens and the aperture setting. Longer focal lengths and wider apertures create the most dramatic effects where wide lenses and narrow apertures reduce the effect. Careful testing will allow you to create the most effective end result. The White Net 2 creates less diffusion than the White Net 1 filter.

Filter Dimensions M (P) - 84mm x 100mm x 1.6mm
L (Z) - 100mm x 100mm x 1.6mm
XL (X) - 130mm x 130mm x 3mm
Includes 1 - White Net 2 Diffuser filter (144)
UPC Codes M (P) 85831448863
L (Z) 85831701449
XL(X) 85831500059

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