How Filters Work


Circular polarizing (CP)  filters simply remove reflections from surfaces. Reflections are everywhere; in the sky, on leaves, the surface of the street and water. These reflections make it harder to see the detail, color, and texture beneath. A polarizer can remove that reflection to reveal a bluer sky, the natural color of leaves, and the detail below the surface of the lake.

In this article you will learn how a circular polarizer works, when and when not to use it, and how it will become the most important filter you own.

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Solid Neutral Density

Neutral density (ND) filters have been gaining in popularity in recent years and are essential in shooting landscape photography.  ND filters reduce the light entering your camera lens without having any other effect on the image.  Reducing the amount of light in the camera allows you to use wider apertures or slower shutter speeds depending on the end result you want. ND filters give you the creativity to create dramatic effects in bright light conditions.  Density’s vary from 2 stop to 10 stop depending on the subject and the desired effect you want.

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Graduated ND

Graduated neutral density (GND) filters are not the same as solid neutral density filters. GND filters allow the photographer to block selective areas of brightness from entering the camera. This section will explain how graduated neutral density filters work, when to use them, and how to use them to your creative advantage.

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Reverse Graduated ND

Reverse graduated neutral density (GND) filters are manufactured slightly different than GND filters. As the name suggests, the gradation is reverse. The thickest density starts in the middle of the glass and gradates toward the outer edge. This article will explain what they are, when to use them, and how to get more creative with them.

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Center Graduated ND

Center graduated neutral density filters are specifically designed with a thin strip of density across the center. This article will explain what they do, when to use them, and under what conditions they are most beneficial.

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Clear Sky

Clear Sky filters are designed to selectively block areas of the light spectrum that cause orange and yellow color spikes. Learn how these filters work, when to use them and how they can improve your photography.

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