NX Series Golden Hour Kit
NX Series Golden Hour Kit
NX Series Golden Hour Kit

NX Series Golden Hour Kit

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Kit Savings - $270 versus buying separately


  • NX Series Filter Holder
  • (1) GND8 Soft mounted in frame
  • (1) Full ND64 mounted in frame
  • (1) Screwdriver + (2) Spare Screw
  • Adapter rings: 72mm, 77mm and 82mm
  • Adapter ring cap
  • 10 x Stickers for the frame


    Slow things down with the new NX-Series Golden Hour Kit. Equipped with the ND64 (6-Stop) filter and the GND8 Soft filter you will have the ability to capture silky water falls, serene ocean water and much more.


    Using the GND8 Soft filter you can balance exposure by reducing the quantity of light on one part of the frame with a compensation of 3 f-stops. The soft transition offers a visible and smooth result.


    With the NX-Series holder you will have the ability to shoot with lenses as wide as 14mm without vignetting. 

    Made of highly resistant tempered glass that can help withstand accidental drops, but also provide exceptional optical quality. 

    Thanks to exclusive manufacturing processes, you can stack several filters without causing any sting colors cast. Color rendering is neutral and accurately recreates captured light. 


    With the new NX-Series holder you can use lenses as wide as 14mm without vignetting. 

    Compatible Adapter Rings

    • NX-Series filter holder
    • Nuances Extreme Full ND64 filter mounted in frame
    • Nuances Extreme GND8 Soft filter mounted in frame
    • adapter rings: 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm
    • adapter ring cap
    • 1 x NX-Series wallet with exposure card
    • 1 x screwdriver, 2 x spare screws
    • 10 x stickers for frame

    UPC: 3611531501385


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