Extension Ring
Extension Ring From Cokin
Cokin Extension Rings
Cokin Extension Ring

Extension Rings

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  • Same Sized Front and Rear Threads
  • Increases Distance Between Lens and Holder
  • High Quality Aluminum Construction
  • Perfect for Retractable Lens Designs

The Cokin Extension Rings increase the distance between the filter ring of a lens and a filter holder in order to accommodate retracting lens designs that are common on many zoom lenses. These rings have the same sized threads on both the front and read, i.e. 72mm front and 72mm rear.

UPC Codes 37mm Extension Ring 85831815269
43mm Extension Ring 85831814934
46mm Extension Ring 85831161779
48mm Extension Ring 85831161786
49mm Extension Ring 85831161793
55mm Extension Ring 85831161816
72mm Extension Ring 85831814965
82mm Extension Ring 85831814989

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