NX Series Golden Hour Kit
NX Series Golden Hour Kit
NX Series Golden Hour Kit

NX Series Golden Hour Kit

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  • NX Series Filter Holder
  • (1) GND8 Soft mounted in frame
  • (1) Full ND64 mounted in frame
  • (1) Screwdriver + (2) Spare Screw
  • Adapter rings: 72mm, 77mm and 82mm
  • Adapter ring cap
  • 10 x Stickers for the frame

    The Golden Hour Kit is thoughtfully curated with two essential filters: the 3-Stop Soft Graduated Filter and the 6-Stop Neutral Density Filter. These filters are skillfully designed to optimize the photography experience during the coveted golden hour period.

    The 6-Stop ND filter is a valuable addition that allows you to artistically slow down the scene, imparting a sense of enchantment to your images. Meanwhile, the 3-Stop Soft Graduated Filter empowers you with precise control over highlights and shadows, enabling you to achieve impeccable results even in challenging lighting conditions.

    Crafted from exceptionally durable tempered glass, these filters exhibit remarkable resilience to withstand accidental mishaps, while consistently delivering superior optical quality. Our exclusive manufacturing processes further ensure that stacking multiple filters remains seamless without any concerns about undesirable color cast issues.

    The NX-Series holder, a part of this sophisticated kit, provides the practical advantage of accommodating lenses up to 15mm wide, eliminating any apprehensions regarding vignetting during your photography sessions.

    With the Golden Hour Kit as your companion, you'll be well-prepared to meet photography challenges head-on and attain captivating shots with a professional finesse. This indispensable collection is a must-have for discerning photographers seeking to elevate their craft to the highest echelons.




    Compatible Adapter Rings

    • NX-Series filter holder
    • Nuances Extreme Full ND64 filter mounted in frame
    • Nuances Extreme GND8 Soft filter mounted in frame
    • adapter rings: 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm
    • adapter ring cap
    • 1 x NX-Series wallet with exposure card
    • 1 x screwdriver, 2 x spare screws
    • 10 x stickers for frame

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