Dreams 2
Dreams 2
Dreams 2

Dreams 2

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  • Creates Halo's Around Background Highlights Towards the Edges of the Image
  • Clear Center for sharp subject
  • Dreams 2 (092) is the medium effect filter in the series

Cokin's Dreams series of filters have small circular lenses which create a second image around an unaltered central image. This second image appears more or less as a distinct halo, depending on the focal length, the aperture and the background. Dreams filters come in three grades, Dreams 1 is the most subtle of the 3, Dreams 2 is medium and Dreams 3 yields the strongest effect.

Filter Dimensions M (P) - 84mm x 84mm x 1.6mm
Filter Construction C39 Optical Resin
UPC Codes M (P) 85831447477

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