Warm 81EF
Warm 81EF
Warm 81EF

Warm 81EF

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  • Light Conversion filter for film
  • Manufactured with C39 Optical Resin
  • Converts 5500K to 4900K light
  • Ideal for film photographers

Amber Conversion filters help convert cool or blue light to warmer light. The 81EF filter is an amber filter that corrects 5500K light to 4900K. This is helpful on overcast days or shady environments where the light tends to be cool and a little warmth is needed. It is a critical tool for film photographers because film has a fixed light balance that should be corrected in-camera for the most accurate results.

Density 2/3-stop
Filter Dimensions M (P) - 84mm x 84mm x 1.6mm
L (Z) - 100mm x 100mm x 1.6mm
XL (X) - 130mm x 130mm x 3mm
Includes 1 - Warm 81EF filter (037)
UPC Codes M (P) 85831446777
L (Z) 85831700374
XL(X) 85831500295

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