Nuances Graduated ND16 - Soft 4-stop
Nuances Graduated ND16 - Soft 4-stop

Nuances Graduated ND16 - Soft 4-stop

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  • CLOSEOUT - No longer Manufactured
  • 4-Stop Graduated Neutral Density Filter
  • Up to 16x Filter Factor (1.2)
  • B270 Tempered Schott Glass
  • Soft Transition for Reduced Exposure in selected areas
  • Not Compatible with the NX System

The innovative NUANCES filters are made of mineral glass and utilize a new coating process that ensures a uniform density across the filter. A new nano metallic alloy is applied to both sides of highly resistant tempered Schott Glass B270 which is reknown for its high transmittance and low reflection. The result is a stunning neutrality that is completely free of infrared pollution. Nuances GND16 will catch 4 f-stops of light at its top with a soft transition to clear at its center. By rotating the filter in the holder and sliding it up and down you can adjust the effect to match the horizon. NUANCES Graduated neutral density filters are perfect for balancing exposure or to create drama in cloudy skies without any color cast, making it the ideal tool for landscape photographers.

NOTE: The Z-pro (L) series sized filter is NOT compatible with the NX Series frames.

Density 4 - Stop
Graduation Type Soft
Filter Dimensions L (Z) - 101mm x 143mm x 2.3mm
XL (X) - 130mm x 170mm x 2.3mm
Filter Construction B270 Tempered Schott Glass
Includes 1-Filter and Case
UPC Codes L (Z) 3611531100335
XL (X) 3611531100366

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