WA Green Center Spot
WA Green Center Spot
WA Green Center Spot

WA Green Center Spot

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  • Create a sharp center with blurred edges
  • Manufactured with C39 Optical Resin
  • Perfect for portraits
  • Great at isolating your subject

The Cokin WA (wide angle) Green Center Spot filter has a clear center and diffused green edges. These diffused edges will be produce blur while leaving the center sharp. The filter effect is directly influenced by the f-stop and the focal length. A lens shot at f/1.4 will see a greater blurring effect than f/8.0 and a 85mm lens will see more blur than a 28mm. Additionally, a longer focal length lens will visually increase the size of the center spot area because it sees less of the filter area.

Filter Dimensions M (P) - 84mm x 84mm x 1.6mm
Filter Construction C39 Optical Resin
Includes 1 - WA Green Center Spot Filter (075)
UPC Codes M (P) 85831448962

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