Front of box for cokin nuances variable ND camera filter
Cokin  Nuances variable neutral density filters
Cokin  Nuances variable neutral density filter
Cokin Variable Neutral Density filter on canon camera
Cokin Variable Neutral Density 1-8 stop filter in pouch
Cokin  Nuances variable neutral density filter on lens max setting
Rear panel of box for Cokin Nuances variable neutral density filter

Nuances Variable Neutral Density 2-400 (1-8 stops)

Regular price$109.99
  • Variable Density Range from 1-8 stops
  • Creates True-to-life color
  • All-glass filter construction
  • Perfect for Photographers and Videographers
  • Available in 52-82mm round sizes

The NUANCES Variable Neutral Density 2-400 provides an equivalent ND factor of 1-8 stops. Using high quality Schott B270 Glass for the base, Cokin uses a patented ND coating application process to ensure uniform density and no vignetting.  A nano-metallic alloy is then applied on both sides of the filter to reduce color shift and increase sharpness and contrast.

A variable ND filter is a great tool for photographers and cinematographers. It allows you to reach longer exposure shutter speeds or achieve a shallow depth-of-field in bright light conditions. Cinematographers will love the filters ability to attain the perfect shutter speed to frame-rate combination in all lighting conditions.

Density Variable 1-8 stops
Graduation Type NA
Filter Dimensions Round Sizes 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm 77mm, 82mm
Filter Construction Schott B270 Glass
Includes 1 - Filter and Soft Case

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