NUANCES Extreme Filters for every Adventure

Cokin NUANCES Extreme

The New Cokin NUANCES Extreme filters are the next evolution in Cokin's professional series of filters. The product line introduces 2 new types of graduated filters and evolves the Soft Grads and 10-stop full ND from the current NUANCES series. 

Each filter is made from a new type of tempered optical glass that is 4 times stronger than the previous series. This means your new filters can travel with you into any extreme conditions and withstand those inevitable drops, nicks, and scratches that can happen to any photographer.

An updated multi-coating process ensures superior reflection control, uniform density, color consistency, and IR suppression resulting in stunning neutrality throughout the NUANCES and NUANCES Extreme series. So you no longer need to worry about color-shift when switching between densities or filter types. 

All of the new filters will be available for the Cokin M, L, and XL filter holders. 


NEW - NUANCES Extreme Center Graduated ND 

The sun is just peeking up over the horizon. The sky is on fire and the earth is beginning to glow. And you are playing an exposure dance between all three elements in your image. Trying to maintain detail in that narrow band of bright light as the sun rises can be very challenging to any photographer when you need balance your exposure for the sky and earth too. A Center Graduated filter is just the tool to help manage that tricky exposure.

By focusing the reduced exposure on the horizon where the sun is rising you can let the earth and sky do its light dance in its natural state while maintaining detail at the horizon where the sun is rising. This creates a manageable dynamic range in a single image so your post production time is spent enhancing instead of fixing.

Shop Center Grad Filters here:

Nuances Extreme Center Graduated ND4 (2-stop) filters

Nuances Extreme Center Graduated ND8 (3-stop) filters


NEW - NUANCES Extreme Reverse Graduated ND

The sun is in full view above the horizon and detail is hard to maintain in all areas of the scene. You want to capture a sharp sun star but highlights are at their brightest and shadows are deep. Reverse Grad allows you to maintain shadow detail while capturing a sharp sun star and detail in the clouds. Because the gradation is reverse it gives you a more natural graduated look that a standard grad cannot provide.

Reverse Grads are the prefect filter for shooting sunrises and sunsets where the sun is in full view above the horizon. By setting the darkest part of the filter in the middle of filter and letting it fade to up into the sky you create a natural graduated look and better exposure control in the areas that need it most. This is classified a Hard-stop at the horizon that fades up to clear at the top.

Shop Reverse Grad Filters here:

Nuances Extreme Reverse Graduated ND4 (2-stop) filters

Nuances Extreme Reverse Graduated ND8 (3-stop) filters

Nuances Extreme Reverse Graduated ND16 (4-stop) filters


Updated - NUANCES Extreme Soft Graduated ND

A storm is brewing, the sky is filled with angry looking clouds lit from behind by the sun still high in the sky. The earth is dark in anticipation of what is to come and you are there to photograph it. Trying to manage detail in the clouds and the subtle nuances of light on the earth can challenge the best of us and this is where having a Soft Grad in your toolbox comes in handy.

The Soft Grad is darkest at the top of the filter a graduates to a soft transition in the middle. This is perfect for horizon lines that include mountains or buildings so you can set the soft transition on those subjects without it looking like you used a filter to control the exposure in the sky.

Shop Reverse Grad Filters here:

Nuances Extreme Soft Graduated ND4 (2-stop) filters

Nuances Extreme Soft Graduated ND8 (3-stop) filters

Nuances Extreme Soft Graduated ND16 (4-stop) filters


Updated - NUANCES Extreme 10-Stop Full ND

The prefect filter for the photographer that wants to create movement in their images at anytime. The 10-stop Full ND allows you to create cotton candy waterfalls and dreamy looking clouds even in the brightest midday light. The filter blocks 10-stops of light allowing you to choose shutter speeds and aperture combinations not possible even at your lowest ISO setting when shooting in the middle of the day. 

NUANCES filters are manufactured to be used alone or "stacked" to create stunning images not possible otherwise. Since the Cokin NUANCES Extreme filters are color consistent throughout the series you can easily stack your 10-stop Full ND with any of the Graduated ND filters for truly stunning results. 

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Nuances Extreme Full ND1024 (10-stop) filters