Zach Heaton

Zach Heaton is a Kodak Professional, Op/TechUSA Ambassador, award winning, internationally published, full time professional landscape photographer based in Pennsylvania. He is renowned for a smooth, vivid and extroverted style that is filled with sensuality, fantasy, and adventure. Zach is able to capture the essence of a moment, which includes the smallest details, making you feel as if you were standing beside him when he captured the image. While on a trip to the Grand Tetons, Zach's passion for photography was sparked and he took the next steps to further his photography career. After spending several years learning from a Master of Light he has become versed in many forms of photography including digital and exploring the depths of chemical photography. A respect for family treasures and mixing old with new, Zach has built a fully operational dark room for film development. He is self-taught in developing, scanning and printing black & white as well as C-41 & E6.