Matthew Stuart Piper

Matthew creates high-resolution, high dynamic range infrared fine art photography, an obsession that began around 2000. As an innovator in infrared photography, he endeavors to create a body of work that is unprecedented in its variety of subject matter, hues and tonal quality. 
Although there have been many evolutions in his artwork, it has always orbited around a style he describes as "dreamscapes" or "magical realism."

"My love of infrared photography began when I discovered Kodak's HIE film, almost two decades ago. After exploring black and white infrared prints at the outset of my fine art career, I began hand-coloring my artwork, creating original pieces of art, which grabbed the attention of the NY Times. That was around 2006, and I was then living in Sonoma County, displaying work in several galleries and participating in fine art fairs, the most important of which was the Open Studios event, Sonoma County Art Trails."

"I currently use a special (full-spectrum) camera converted to record ultraviolet, visible and infrared light, and, with various filters and the editing possibilities of Photoshop, I now have levels of artistic control I didn’t previously know were possible. "

Matthew is the admin of the largest infrared photography hub on Instagram @creativeinfrared_global  He features a wide variety of the best infrared photography in the world, and makes an effort to continually feature new photographers and artists. Matthew's main mission is to bring this ever-growing group of infrared enthusiasts together.